Guglielmo Vallecoccia – VIP Catcher

Guglielmo Vallecoccia and his team are providing Airport VIP service all over Europe and in many hubs around the world. Manila, Beijing, Shanghai, Moscow, Istanbul, Tele Aviv, Hong Kong, Singapore, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Sydney, Melbourne, just to name a few…. Amolatina

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Guglielmo Vallecoccia – Welcome Cellphone

Guglielmo Vallecoccia and Best of Europe will provide all their guests with a preloaded cellphone. Best of Europe will communicate your Welcome Cellphone Number prior your departure to Europe. You will receive your cellphone when your Best of Europe greeter will be meeting you aboard your flight. From that moment you will enjoy free unlimited incoming calls. Amolatina

Guglielmo Vallecoccia